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God steps in. Travelista Story

 God is Amazing. But you knew that didn't you? I hope so. I love sharing stories about what God does in my Life. In the moments that I least expect it GOD Lightens my Load and blesses me. I am grateful.  After all we were always meant to rely on GOD completely trusting and having faith that we are provided for. This is hard to do in Western Culture where everything is about the grind and the hustle. Where independence is affluence and wealth, power and control creates influence. But when the camera is OFF and our Phones are DOWN and we can tune OUT of the noise of our world that is when we can hear the soft whispers from the Holy Spirit. So here it is....I hope this will encourage you to remain focused and diligent on your path. Today: I booked a flight with Alaska Airlines, rarely do I do this--I usually fly with American. It'd been a long challenging week for my mental and on my body and all I could think about was being HOME. I expect changes when I travel....after all. All

Talk w/Avalaura

Check out this Afternoon Inspiration 

She's Back! Mamba Style

 Hey it's your favorite Traveling Dancer! I've been grounded for the past couple of months (Get it?) but I took to the sky the other day to pay a visit to my family back on the East Coast. I find that I do my best work when I am in the clouds. I am more focused, more in-tune, more present knowing that when my feet touch down onto new land that the frequency will be different, the vibe the energy and what I bring to match that is going to be crucial. So I have to be ready, A few years ago, I coined a cluttered corner corner of clothes, books and art that belonged to my friend who spent his mornings preparing for the day in incubation and meditation--"The Spaceship" For me--I find that my Flight Deck a small table and a window seat is just what I needed to plow through creative ideas that have been looming around for days. In the future, I may have a pilot inspired office space with a sign that says, Ready for Take OFF!!! I've also noticed over the course years how

What's a GIRL to do.....but Shop?

Among many things...creative, writer & entrepreneur ~ I try my best to also be a Producer and not a Consumer especially during these times. But what I find is that shopping and/or spending money is inevitable during stay-at-home mandate orders. After all, there is nothing to do after re-runs, games, sleeping and snacking. The grocery lines are still wrapped around the corner and supplies are limited. So most people, have turned to online shopping including find myself. Minus the in-ethical practices at Corporate level. I had a very kind and detailed delivery guy call me from Shipt today to say that all of my items were out of stock at the store. My mind scanned the neighborhood for alternative solutions, but then I decided to just be at peace about it and let things be what they are.  That brief moment of virtual connection over the phone lets me know how close we are to automating our entire lives and becoming the way of the Future. One that would think that a Global Pandemic woul

All About Me.

Hi There! Allow me to re-introduce myself.  I'm Kayla You're in the right place. If you like adventure, fun, laughter and exploration.  Each day, I try to make a little brighter by bringing my full self, my whole self to the day.  I am a chronic pain warrior who has found strength in leaning into life with intention this way so as not to miss my opportunities, but instead find POWER in daring to take the DAY. I hope that enjoy yourself. Take a look around. There is sooo much to who I am.  And I wanted to share it with you. Listen, Watch, Learn, Connect, and Grow. This is what and who I am all about. Thank You for going along the journey. If there an questions-- please email or call me: 301-882-2113 IG: @na.bee I love engaging in conversation & meeting new people. All my LOVE 

Making Fun, during the Pandemic

There are so many people I just can't socially distance from. My Bestie, Dominique.  There isn't anything, we haven't done together--she and I know how to have a good time.  Making fun has been the staple for many people in the U.S. since the pandemic. Birthdays, Weddings and other mass events have switched their plans up to accommodate the safety measures of this Pandemic. We've all become thoughtful, decorative and meanful in our approach to hosting events, in a way that reflects who we are as humans, emphasizing the power of simplicity. It's the American way to be flashy, BIG and over the top. Lately the biggest thing about functions like this one have been the Balloon Towers. Times are tough for Travelers, not being able to go on exploits. And yet it's a great opportunity to revisit pictures, set a themed culture week for trying new recipes, dressing up and swagging out in clothes that we hadn't worn before...or learn a new language.  I think the most be

Eumir Deodato - Inútil Paisagem - 1964 - Full Album

Late Night Tunes. An Artist at WORK. Music has been such a  WILL Booster these.

gong CHA Local Fun!

 Why Wait? Stay-At-Home and Social Distancing orders have dampened the Spirits of many Americans, especially  us Travelers. It is not easy to stay confined to the same four walls for weeks on end at a time especially when you're used to trekking, hiking, exploring and seeing new and beautiful places around the World. Although us wanderlusters can't take on the Globe right now, this is a great time to explore the local neighborhood, surrounding areas and to discover something new about the place where you live. There is always something to behold--with nature, things are transforming almost everyday. Just look outside, new flowers in bloom, new wildlife after rainstorms come out, new Moons, new Winds.... Life itself regenerates and bring forth with each hour at Sun rise, we just have to open our eyes and see.  While companies/organizations are doing a profound job with virtual experiences, events and performances there is nothing like being "there" to gain a experience

A Quarantine Birthday

The best thing about travel....and there are many.  Is re-living the moments. On travel you'll do things that you wouldn't normally do. The adventure, the thrill, the chances and excitement are all there--wherever you are.  There is something that makes you want to make the most of the experience.  Although through technology, having videos and pictures in hand it  is being able to see it all over again. But I do wonder, and sometimes have become concerned that we don't live fully in the moment nor experience life to the fullness because of our cell phones. I believe that there is value in the use of a professional camera, I personally look forward to the moment when I can go and have my photos developed in print.  My family taught me that LIFE is for LIVING, but also that color prints last up to 50 years while Black and White photos last up to 100. There is something to be said about it. After all life will go on and the world will keep spinning but if we can leave somethi

Art is Life. So stopping taking Ours. #blm

It's crazy how life can bring you full circle.  Even if you've traveled all around the world there is still so much to discover within your own neighborhood--just like Indie.Arie's song says (Little Things). For me, no matter where I go I can also spot the part of a city thats hippie town, where all of the Artists live, dwell and go. While attending school in San Francisco, CA my favorite weekend venture was taking the bus up the hill to Haight Street. There I'd people-watch--the hippies and throwback free people with long stringing hair and their usual friendly large-sized Canine companion just gaping, chilling on the corner. I'd look forward eating at my favorite local cafe "The People's Cafe"which had the bomb quesadillas (when I used eat dairy) and then visit the next door dope boutique by a designer named Audrey. Plenty of color, murals painted on building walls and sidewalks without a sense a time or urgency. Always a good time.  As a young girl,

Girl Power, Let's Pin it!

We are pinning together!!! Join us in collaborating on the Pinterest Board a Celebration of Women's Beauty, Creativity and Power. Click Here to Start! My favorite pin Artist: Reyna Noriega

A Winter that feels like Spring, I'm in LA!!!!

 In Spring of 2009 my Friends and Family celebrated my graduation from high school and entry into College with a party. The cake read, "Congratulations Kayla!" with a graphic of a waves rolling up to a beach shoreline. It was the funniest thing to me considering I was a moving to the San Francisco area where people were coats, beanies and only the surfers dive in those icy cold waters. Fast forward, here I am today--living and working in Los Angeles. What a gift and most unexpected turn of events. God has blessed me with bravery and willpower, wisdom and the blessing of GOOD People in my life to help me navigate the unknown and fulfill my dreams of travel adventure and discovery. Okay Ma, NOW! You can paint that beach scene in your head. But even down this side of the coast, I hear the waters are brisk. Nevertheless, I am grateful. The waters nearby offer a crispness in the air. Hey Sunshine State! Ooops, that's Florida. Either way--California I am HOME. This tim

Yes, Work, Get Your LIFE. Street/Dance Workshop Jacob's Pillow 2020 NYC

My Life at the Pillow..." ~by JR Glover Today was a Pillow Day. As an Alumni, I traveled North to help facilitate and support the Recruitment Tour amidst other beautiful dancing bodies. It's amazing to see how we have all grown through the years as Dancers, Creatives, Choreographers, Directors and lifelong students. Even more, it's inspiring to know that we are all keeping at it--pursuing Excellence and honing our craft day by day. What was meant to be a standby experience turned out to be a Full Dance Day for me. I give thanks to my peers who encouraged me to dance. It was a risk--knowing that I had not danced or taken a technique class proper in several months. However, due to the nature of GYROKINESIS as an instructor, I never lost body awareness, posture, alignment etc. So it was just a matter of tipping over the edge again to see where my body goes....and catching it again. It was a necessary challenge in fact, with the chronic pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia and C