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Yes, Work, Get Your LIFE. Street/Dance Workshop Jacob's Pillow 2020 NYC

My Life at the Pillow..." ~by JR Glover Today was a Pillow Day. As an Alumni, I traveled North to help facilitate and support the Recruitment Tour amidst other beautiful dancing bodies. It's amazing to see how we have all grown through the years as Dancers, Creatives, Choreographers, Directors and lifelong students. Even more, it's inspiring to know that we are all keeping at it--pursuing Excellence and honing our craft day by day. What was meant to be a standby experience turned out to be a Full Dance Day for me. I give thanks to my peers who encouraged me to dance. It was a risk--knowing that I had not danced or taken a technique class proper in several months. However, due to the nature of GYROKINESIS as an instructor, I never lost body awareness, posture, alignment etc. So it was just a matter of tipping over the edge again to see where my body goes....and catching it again. It was a necessary challenge in fact, with the chronic pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia and C

Spend your Summer at The Pillow!!! An Alumni Story

As a young dancer, I could think of nothing better than living the life of a Touring Performing Professional. I'll be truthful in saying--it seemed glamorous, being in one city or country one after the other, twirling in the passion of my craft and receiving applause and admiration from audiences all over the world. At 17, when I decided to continue my path in dance, the goal was to do just that, join a professional company and be a Dancer. But little did I know, that it was going to take more than my head shot and bio on the company website to legitimize my position in this field. Posing at the Inside/Out Stage Park Arena Attending the Alonzo King LINES Ballet BFA Program was a blessing. It brought out the human side of my artistry--the side that was willing to explore, discover, take risks and find something new in the monotony of everyday life. This sort of incubation has also stayed with me and propelled me into a future ongoing as a Performance Artist. When I was rea

Phuket Thailand, The Nicest People in the World

What I've noticed about the Thai is that they are generally quiet nice, lovely and intelligent people. Willing to yield and bend for the sake of creating harmony and bringing about customer satisfaction one might argue that this impeccable  service skill set is due to the fact that tourism creates the highest flow of currency here on the peninsula island. The natives work hard, work diligently and move fast. They prioritize family time, resting periods, music and spending time by the beach. Great conversationalist, they do their best to help assist in anyway that they can--if not themselves then by reaching out to a friend. I love how outright they are about their Spirituality and it shows in their daily character. Buddhism is mainly about having a sense of self-control, discipline, inner focus and finding peace from within. On sight, what may appear to be decor, a charm piece, trinket or a golden ornamental mini temple outside of many homes and business is actually the equival