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Phuket Thailand, The Nicest People in the World

What I've noticed about the Thai is that they are generally quiet nice, lovely and intelligent people. Willing to yield and bend for the sake of creating harmony and bringing about customer satisfaction one might argue that this impeccable  service skill set is due to the fact that tourism creates the highest flow of currency here on the peninsula island.

The natives work hard, work diligently and move fast. They prioritize family time, resting periods, music and spending time by the beach. Great conversationalist, they do their best to help assist in anyway that they can--if not themselves then by reaching out to a friend.

I love how outright they are about their Spirituality and it shows in their daily character. Buddhism is mainly about having a sense of self-control, discipline, inner focus and finding peace from within. On sight, what may appear to be decor, a charm piece, trinket or a golden ornamental mini temple outside of many homes and business is actually the equivalence to visiting Church on a Sunday or Saturday Morning for Christians.

They keep their busy lives going--moving about in quick pace their feet moving like the fast pudder of Fred the Flinstone with the grace of a fairy or angel--shoes off yet very light footed as if they were walking on air. Their labor is honored by the honest money that they make and validated by these small sanctuaries that they keep nearby to protect and remind them of the presence of the Spirit of God that lives inside them.

One night at dining at the Market, an owner of a restaurant bystanding as I order my food, witnessed a small disagreement between myself and the waitress. As I do not eat eggs (never have since I was little) I noticed his steady walk in observation out of the corner of my eye. As most foreigners feel, it is not custom to waste or to ask for things back after they have been prepared, presented or packaged.

In fact, they find it impolite. Yet at the same, I simply had an allergy. The waitress and hostess inclined to my concerns and cooked up something new: Steamed Garlic Soft Shelled Crab with Pineapple Rice on the side....yummy. I enjoyed but could still tell the disgruntlement of the owner although he did not say anything.

Stories of the Buddah sharing wisdom and insight underneath a Bohdi tree.
Natives plastering gold on statues of the monks and leaving money dollar bills in the temples for the live monks to collect.

After awhile, he relocated to the outer part of the restaurant where the golden temple was located and sat down. I could tell the difference in his demeanor as he was more calm, cool and content being near near to this construct. Faith and Spirituality at work---from as far as my eyes could see.

Putting God first, helps keep the imperfections and inconsistencies of being human and emotional at bay. On the map of Phuket, you will find emblems of temples called "Wat" indicated almost everywhere. They might be as small as a little beach shack or as grand as a Cathedral. Phuket is a small place in comparison to Bangkok--so the largest temple profile would have to be Wat Chalong. It consists of two large buildings, a cabin where statues of the Elders and Buddhist Monks are kept.
Wat Chalong 

When you enter, leave your shoes at the stairs!!! I had read this in articles before so was a little concerned that I may not find my shoes there upon return however the intent here is to have an honest open and scared moment with the divine. Chances are there are no thieves looking to trade the best brand looking footwear for theirs. I imagine this may have applied years back when it was hard to tell the difference between slippers. There is quite the population of Europeans living in Phuket, Thailand. Variety certainly is the spice here.

As a Christian Woman. I did feel a bit of conflict, visiting these temples as they were devoted to another faith. In fact, I felt like I was defaning  Jesus by being in the presence of so much idol worship. Golden statues of a the Buddah mtiplied....everywhere. Even though some Christians model the image of Jesus as a Majestic Royal figure seated at the right hand of God or worship Mary as the ultimate DIVINE being. The Christian faith was never meant to be based on idol Workshop. But simple to know, honor and keep the statute8of the worsds in our hearts and evident in our lives. Jesus came to Earth to be an example of that he was never meant to be treated in the same way that Pagans do. 
For according to the Lord, the word speaks and reads...

"Thou shalt have no other God's before me."Exodus 20:3

So, I didn't.

I simply walked about observing the people and the ways, practices and routines out of respect remaining at a distance. They would kneel, bow, gather, burn incense, clang cymbals, leave money for the Elders as sacrifice. The living monks who keep the temples, live in them and the paupers who also act as keepers probably serving the monks fetching water, food and running errands for them reap from this money given.
I did take a moment for Artistic indulgence to create a Moment that will be Marked in an infinite time capsule and for those who did bear witness to otherwords, a dance.

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  2. Hi, I've read your experience in Phuket, a part of Thailand that I've not had the pleasure of visiting, and from my experience the Thai people are the same all over the country.
    I notice a few typos in your article and would happily edit any articles for you in future, as I am a professional editor, one of your connections on LinkedIn.


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