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A Winter that feels like Spring, I'm in LA!!!!

 In Spring of 2009 my Friends and Family celebrated my graduation from high school and entry into College with a party. The cake read, "Congratulations Kayla!" with a graphic of a waves rolling up to a beach shoreline. It was the funniest thing to me considering I was a moving to the San Francisco area where people were coats, beanies and only the surfers dive in those icy cold waters. Fast forward, here I am today--living and working in Los Angeles. What a gift and most unexpected turn of events. God has blessed me with bravery and willpower, wisdom and the blessing of GOOD People in my life to help me navigate the unknown and fulfill my dreams of travel adventure and discovery. Okay Ma, NOW! You can paint that beach scene in your head. But even down this side of the coast, I hear the waters are brisk. Nevertheless, I am grateful. The waters nearby offer a crispness in the air. Hey Sunshine State! Ooops, that's Florida. Either way--California I am HOME. This tim