The Best of DC: Busyboys and Poets

A Winter that feels like Spring, I'm in LA!!!!

 In Spring of 2009 my Friends and Family celebrated my graduation from high school and entry into College with a party. The cake read, "Congratulations Kayla!" with a graphic of a waves rolling up to a beach shoreline. It was the funniest thing to me considering I was a moving to the San Francisco area where people were coats, beanies and only the surfers dive in those icy cold waters.

Fast forward, here I am today--living and working in Los Angeles.
What a gift and most unexpected turn of events. God has blessed me with bravery and willpower, wisdom and the blessing of GOOD People in my life to help me navigate the unknown and fulfill my dreams of travel adventure and discovery. Okay Ma, NOW! You can paint that beach scene in your head. But even down this side of the coast, I hear the waters are brisk. Nevertheless, I am grateful. The waters nearby offer a crispness in the air.

Hey Sunshine State!
Ooops, that's Florida.
Either way--California I am HOME.

This time on the SoCal Side of things:) New Affirmation: I will show my Sunny Side. 
The winter season, long cloudy dark days can get you down, but there is no reason to feel that way here. The energy from good weather, open terrain and lush mountainous views is the reason why so many people are drawn to live here. The hellos and hi's I get from everyday people, the kind of interaction I was hoping to receive from folks in the big city, is all mine. It is vibrant here. Beautiful boutique shops, vintage theaters where music producers crawl out from after studio sessions, retired Jewish couples walking their dogs to the grocery story, stages being set up in parks for a major event....on and on. There is a pep that everyone has here of which I can appreciate--not quite the hard hustle that New York gives because a person here might actually stop to hold a real conversation with you. 

I arrived on the weekend, just in time to catch up with myself and get accumulated with my neighborhood. I got groceries from a Mall for the first time...that was interesting and discovered that everyone drives a Tesla here. One amongst 3 of my dream cars.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I knew exactly where I was going to spend my time, at the ONEChurchLA where Pastor Toure & Sarah Jakes lead impactful, hungry chosen vessels of God. I'd grown up under T.D. Jakes' teaching like most Black Children with a Praying Grandmama Household, his wisdom and zeal for God has taken many of people to the next level in their faith. This church is a branch of that ministry, The Potter's House has given the platform to other young Ministers and Disciples in Christ to be a blessing to the people. 

I was welcomed and greeted by all. My bestfriend loves this church, I am glad I was able to make a connection to her in this way. 

DMV Ladies, Jaz, Kayla & Dana
IG: @queenjamell @beebodi @dana.ninamarie

Not my chance or accident at all, I recently tuned into an IG Story by a young Black Sista from the DMV who I had comeup with in junior high school. I discovered that she had also recent moved to LA for a business venture representing a Wellness Brand and Product, Iaso Tea. Dana is awesome, her brightly shines brightly. As a stay at home Mom she gets it down, educating her daughter from home and following her dreams of living a Financially Free Life!

I'll be going LIVE with her for some inspiration on my Instagram Page: @beebodi soon so be on the look out.

There is word for it....when you find yourself in a good space and you just continue that path of a Good Feeling and until you are fulfilled in what you needed from it. Well, I stuck around with it. Dana invited me to work out later on that day after church.

First Timer, The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

OneChurch LA

Pastor Toure speaking on the the story of the Discernment of the HolySpirit

And although I was hesitant due to my shoulder/neck challenges I kept with the Word and the Theme for the day which was: Get into Alignment with God, it's a Spiritual Thing! Commitment is Key and also lately the personal mantra for these days happens to be about keeping one's Word!

Iaso Tea Team LA
So after a few small errands, I went home, changed my clothes and showed up to the event as a I said I would and had a ball! It was refreshing to spend a Sunday usually of Brunching and Resting amongst people moving their bodies for a Cause. 

All things Health and Wellness! Don't just let it sit up on your shelf as a wishful idea. Live it Out my Friends!

Dana's Daughter, My New Neice

Although my Workout was on point. I didn't escape the Goodie Goodness of a Sunday Family Gathering All the Way. Brotha Man was
in the back of the GYM Grilling up something special for us. Simply because he loves doing what he does, it made a homemade sauce brought some fresh oysters out washed them and prepared them for the Staff after the Naturally L.A. Event. Served up how you want them, I'd never experience this kind of Soul Food, Seafood Style with Shrimp, Spinach Cheese and/or Siracha Sauce.

Amazing. Black Magic in an Alley Way. We were shivering cold out there but we sure did wait patiently. I loved his smile the entire time he was preparing the meal. You could tell he truly had a love for it. 

And love for people.
That's a Soul Sunday for you.

Shrimp & Spinach Topped Oyster