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Art is Life. So stopping taking Ours. #blm

It's crazy how life can bring you full circle.  Even if you've traveled all around the world there is still so much to discover within your own neighborhood--just like Indie.Arie's song says (Little Things). For me, no matter where I go I can also spot the part of a city thats hippie town, where all of the Artists live, dwell and go. While attending school in San Francisco, CA my favorite weekend venture was taking the bus up the hill to Haight Street. There I'd people-watch--the hippies and throwback free people with long stringing hair and their usual friendly large-sized Canine companion just gaping, chilling on the corner. I'd look forward eating at my favorite local cafe "The People's Cafe"which had the bomb quesadillas (when I used eat dairy) and then visit the next door dope boutique by a designer named Audrey. Plenty of color, murals painted on building walls and sidewalks without a sense a time or urgency. Always a good time.  As a young girl,