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A Quarantine Birthday

The best thing about travel....and there are many. 

Is re-living the moments. On travel you'll do things that you wouldn't normally do.

The adventure, the thrill, the chances and excitement are all there--wherever you are. 
There is something that makes you want to make the most of the experience. 

Although through technology, having videos and pictures in hand it  is being able to see it all over again.
But I do wonder, and sometimes have become concerned that we don't live fully in the moment nor experience life to the fullness because of our cell phones. I believe that there is value in the use of a professional camera, I personally look forward to the moment when I can go and have my photos developed in print. 

My family taught me that LIFE is for LIVING, but also that color prints last up to 50 years while Black and White photos last up to 100. There is something to be said about it. After all life will go on and the world will keep spinning but if we can leave something behind for out loved ones to think on, that's a beautiful thing.

I just might be the ideal traveler for businesses because in providing feedback in my reviews. I go in. And even if I have a bad experience I try to be honest yet be kind. Although money talks, when things go wrong during travel ultimately it is up to the person on staff and in charge whom are responsible for your experience. And so, I find courtesy to be a mutual ground that we all should stand on. 

For example, a tired hotel attendant deserves kindness over the phone when ordering room service-- be clear and concise but try to leave the hostility out of conversation in order to get things done in a timely and efficient manner. It's the thought that counts. 

Just recently I had a birthday staycation at a Georgetown hotel in DC. It was great, everything that I needed within the area, quaint, modern styled with friendly staff. The little things like appreciation for the architecture of a place, decorum and the overall flow of the place is what I can appreciate about a hotel even before stepping foot out of the door for an adventure. Although CO-VID 19 social distancing measures caused for bars and restaurant it was nice to actually see the furniture, modern designs and make up of the space. 

As you can see, my hotel room was decked out. My Mother and Sister surprise bombed my spot with Caution signs all of the place that said things like:

"Happy're not Invited."

The day after my birthday, my Health + Wellness brand The Beebodi Marketplace held a virtual event~ a Staycation for the Summer promoting Radical Self Care for ALL. I also taught an introductory Doula information session online which an extension of business. The living space with television (of which I never watched) a large side couch and love season was perfect for what I needed--to be in a private setting with natural sunlight and lovely decorum to inspire me. 

All around GREATNESS.
I would highly recommend Solo Travelers, Adults, Business Lodging, etc. to stay here and enjoy!
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