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gong CHA Local Fun!

 Why Wait?

Stay-At-Home and Social Distancing orders have dampened the Spirits of many Americans, especially  us Travelers. It is not easy to stay confined to the same four walls for weeks on end at a time especially when you're used to trekking, hiking, exploring and seeing new and beautiful places around the World.

Although us wanderlusters can't take on the Globe right now, this is a great time to explore the local neighborhood, surrounding areas and to discover something new about the place where you live. There is always something to behold--with nature, things are transforming almost everyday. Just look outside, new flowers in bloom, new wildlife after rainstorms come out, new Moons, new Winds....

Life itself regenerates and bring forth with each hour at Sun rise, we just have to open our eyes and see. 

While companies/organizations are doing a profound job with virtual experiences, events and performances there is nothing like being "there" to gain a experience that the body can remember with and the mind can play in. Now that doors of beginning to open, I decided to challenge my wits about the state of Maryland cross my county lines just to have a cup of Tea!

Gong Cha, an International Bubble Tea House started in Taiwan in 2006, and means "tea tribute to the Emperor" was nestled next to a place where my friend and I decided to go for lunch. I am vegetarian and generally a clean eater so eating outside of my own cooking is a HUGE Deal. I was feeling a little down at the time and couldn't decided on what. I wanted. So I stepped outside for fresh air. As I looked over the way, I discovered a giant tree with beautiful white petaled flowers and a radiance coming through the window. When I enter Gong Cha...I felt like I had transported myself into Asia. I could smell the sweetness of the Tea and immediately become giddy over the choices they had there on the menu. 

The variety of options including was a good way. I knew that I'd have to come back. Although they are known for their Milk Foam, I cannot consume dairy. Instead, I choose a lactose-free milk powder Taro flavor which is my ABSOLUTE Favorite. I was delighted that they offered something for every kind of dietary need including the option to control your level of sweetness. This is also important to me as I find that much of American Cuisine is oversized, over sweetened and oversalted. 


I opted for an Unsweetened Taro Tea with red bean and black pearl tapioca. $4 USD

It was DIVINE. And it was still subtle and sweet like I'd hoped for. Needless to say, my Spirits were revived by that point and felt much better as I enjoyed my drink. I also have to note that their social distancing and hygienic precautionary measures were well done, including: mask wearing, a temperature meter upon entry, hand sanitizer and limited indoor seating.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the decorum. The detail and thoughtfulness of Gong Cha makes it perfect for a casual outing or a first date. Go for it! 

Check the locations in your nearby area or mark this on your U. S. Travel Foodie Favorites List to visit the next time you come to Maryland, NJ, NYC, or Texas.

Bubble Tea

Life is what you Make it. So stay Open, Humble and Creative. The Possibilities are Endless!


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