Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

Making Fun, during the Pandemic

There are so many people I just can't socially distance from. My Bestie, Dominique. 
There isn't anything, we haven't done together--she and I know how to have a good time. 

Making fun has been the staple for many people in the U.S. since the pandemic. Birthdays, Weddings and other mass events have switched their plans up to accommodate the safety measures of this Pandemic. We've all become thoughtful, decorative and meanful in our approach to hosting events, in a way that reflects who we are as humans, emphasizing the power of simplicity. It's the American way to be flashy, BIG and over the top. Lately the biggest thing about functions like this one have been the Balloon Towers.

Times are tough for Travelers, not being able to go on exploits. And yet it's a great opportunity to revisit pictures, set a themed culture week for trying new recipes, dressing up and swagging out in clothes that we hadn't worn before...or learn a new language. 

I think the most beautiful thing about this humbling experience is that it allows us to appreciate the feeling of home, family and community for those who have this. The outdoor backyard weddings, I've seen have been spectacular, watching movies on projector screens and outdoor picnics and barbeques feels like when husbands came back home from the Vietnam War. 

Although we may be separated from the Life we once knew...we are closer to becoming the people that we truly are in our expression of love and gratitude on a daily basis. 

I will forever be theGKbabe, dreaming of my next place of discovery and she: FeFetheTraveler will continue to show up and show OUT, where ever we GO!