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What's a GIRL to do.....but Shop?

Among many things...creative, writer & entrepreneur ~ I try my best to also be a Producer and not a Consumer especially during these times. But what I find is that shopping and/or spending money is inevitable during stay-at-home mandate orders. After all, there is nothing to do after re-runs, games, sleeping and snacking. The grocery lines are still wrapped around the corner and supplies are limited. So most people, have turned to online shopping including find myself. Minus the in-ethical practices at Corporate level. I had a very kind and detailed delivery guy call me from Shipt today to say that all of my items were out of stock at the store. My mind scanned the neighborhood for alternative solutions, but then I decided to just be at peace about it and let things be what they are.  That brief moment of virtual connection over the phone lets me know how close we are to automating our entire lives and becoming the way of the Future. One that would think that a Global Pandemic woul

All About Me.

Hi There! Allow me to re-introduce myself.  I'm Kayla You're in the right place. If you like adventure, fun, laughter and exploration.  Each day, I try to make a little brighter by bringing my full self, my whole self to the day.  I am a chronic pain warrior who has found strength in leaning into life with intention this way so as not to miss my opportunities, but instead find POWER in daring to take the DAY. I hope that enjoy yourself. Take a look around. There is sooo much to who I am.  And I wanted to share it with you. Listen, Watch, Learn, Connect, and Grow. This is what and who I am all about. Thank You for going along the journey. If there an questions-- please email or call me: 301-882-2113 IG: @na.bee I love engaging in conversation & meeting new people. All my LOVE