Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

What's a GIRL to do.....but Shop?

Among many things...creative, writer & entrepreneur ~ I try my best to also be a Producer and not a Consumer especially during these times. But what I find is that shopping and/or spending money is inevitable during stay-at-home mandate orders. After all, there is nothing to do after re-runs, games, sleeping and snacking. The grocery lines are still wrapped around the corner and supplies are limited. So most people, have turned to online shopping including find myself.

Minus the in-ethical practices at Corporate level.

I had a very kind and detailed delivery guy call me from Shipt today to say that all of my items were out of stock at the store. My mind scanned the neighborhood for alternative solutions, but then I decided to just be at peace about it and let things be what they are. 
That brief moment of virtual connection over the phone lets me know how close we are to automating our entire lives and becoming the way of the Future.

One that would think that a Global Pandemic would cause Americans to slow down our pace in spending--however it is now that people are buying products and ordering services online like never before. Lower, Low-Mid and Middle Class people rely on large corporations to stock their homes with the essentials, for Groceries if there is a sick or elderly person in the home...or just out of place curiosity. 

Stepping out or Mentally Checking out is a thing that Black/Brown people do when we are distressed. There is something about this--the psyche of the Board Useless Spender (pardon this phrase, it does not imply that anyone is lazy). It speaks to that fact, that after all of the hard work that is put in on a daily virtual bases. There isn't anything to show for it: no recognition from your superior or boss, no high fives or humorous conversation with your peers and coworkers. Just you. 

I strolled down Santa Monica Blvd searching through Vintage Expo bins for ageless tops and sweater to keep me cute and ready for the Winter Season. No Luck--but I did come up on a Melaninated Sistah Queen who makes on of a kind journals. I had to support her. Check it out, images say more we can.

I admired this Queen Sistah's work. She knows exactly what she wants for her future. And that's POWER.

And that thing you've always wanted for yourself. Now is the time. Why not? be all American. everyone else is doing it. Along with saving and purchasing stock. Yes.

Travelers aren't used to this mind set. We are more than likely to found making a gift to ship out to friends and family, much like gathering souvenirs. I have visited USPS more times than usual just sending out Greeting Cards and little gifts for the people I love. It's in my nature!

But, I do miss being out there and amongst my loved ones. Imagination has certainly amplified my local experience. You might consider doing this through virtual reality. There are apps they can be downloaded along with equipment for purchase on the Web. See the world! 

Right there in your home--imagine...see....dream....LIVE:

Subscribe to the Air Pano VR to get started! They give great bird eye views so you can see the landscape and architecture. Try visiting some where for a few minutes that you've never seen or heard of.

Allow it to lead you into more creative devices from within that keep your focus. 

You might also consider talking to a financial advisor or investment specialist. 

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