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She's Back! Mamba Style

 Hey it's your favorite Traveling Dancer!

I've been grounded for the past couple of months (Get it?) but I took to the sky the other day to pay a visit to my family back on the East Coast. I find that I do my best work when I am in the clouds. I am more focused, more in-tune, more present knowing that when my feet touch down onto new land that the frequency will be different, the vibe the energy and what I bring to match that is going to be crucial. So I have to be ready,

A few years ago, I coined a cluttered corner corner of clothes, books and art that belonged to my friend who spent his mornings preparing for the day in incubation and meditation--"The Spaceship" For me--I find that my Flight Deck a small table and a window seat is just what I needed to plow through creative ideas that have been looming around for days. In the future, I may have a pilot inspired office space with a sign that says, Ready for Take OFF!!!

I've also noticed over the course years how my flight style has changed to. I used to wear a thick coat, heavy boots and lots of things to keep me warm. Buy magazines and a bagel at an airport cafe just to entertain the flight lifestyle. I couldn't resist purchasing snacks or a meal, just to say I did before boarding. I've learned the hard way--overloading my carry-on suitcase to make room for what could not fit in my check in bag. But now, it adds up. The minimalist life especially as a traveler is one to live. Efficiency, lightweight, money saving readiness is the way to Travel. 

After all, all things are subject to change. My number one Mantra for being on the move. 

This time, I came prepared. Prepare to do little, spend nothing and remain open. I flew home (DCA) after a couple weeks of work. I was planning to just listen to soundscape music and relax when I remembered a a suggested top pick from a mentor of mine called, "Mamba's Mentality"--a memoir narrative picture book about the legend Kobe Bryant and his play mentality. I decided right then and there--to break my new rule. I couldn't pass up this moment. I copped me a book for $35 and boarded.

An Angel Suite. No one sat in my row. What a relief. I spent half the flight with Mamba....inspired. I hear his voice and feel his Spirit thru the pages. 

What most moved me what his discipline, the hunger--beyond passion and the care that he gave to his body to prepare him for each GAME. As a Wellness Guru this is my lane and yet I saw something in his story for everyone. Fight. No matter what is.....Fight for it. 

Or contend, as my Pastor would say. 

Once I had my fill, I slipped the book into my Olympia Life Saver--I mean 3-D Wheel Carry-on Suitcase and quenched the fire beneath my tail by talking to Mom. What a Travel Day. 

Every trip offers something different and I am grateful for the things that I learn.

I am equipped--so now to devise the ultimate travel savings plan. 

There's a great reference site called:

I'll keep in the loop. Happy Traveling!

Oh and btw if you're thinking about jetting