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God steps in. Travelista Story

 God is Amazing.

But you knew that didn't you? I hope so. I love sharing stories about what God does in my Life. In the moments that I least expect it GOD Lightens my Load and blesses me. I am grateful. 

After all we were always meant to rely on GOD completely trusting and having faith that we are provided for. This is hard to do in Western Culture where everything is about the grind and the hustle. Where independence is affluence and wealth, power and control creates influence. But when the camera is OFF and our Phones are DOWN and we can tune OUT of the noise of our world that is when we can hear the soft whispers from the Holy Spirit.

So here it is....I hope this will encourage you to remain focused and diligent on your path.


I booked a flight with Alaska Airlines, rarely do I do this--I usually fly with American. It'd been a long challenging week for my mental and on my body and all I could think about was being HOME. I expect changes when I travel....after all. All things are subject to change. And just never know.

I did my check in the front desk before boarding just to make sure that my seat is not absurdly far or near a restroom. Battling chronic pain and flying isn't an ideal combination so I have to protect my space and energy. This time, I wanted to ensure that I was at least a healthy distance from people. We are in a pandemic. & I am Blessed to be in good health considering the amount of traveling I do. So it's fair to double check. I'm safe. No one is booked in the seat next to me. GREAT. 

It was a like a shadow that crept up slowly around the left side of my body when stood near a young handsome Black man who reminded me of my little brother. He came into view and I smiled. I felt hope for my sibling who is coming of age and thought of him as I looked on. It was then that I noticed this charisma and cool that the young man had was because of an agenda. 

The MAGA Movement. My face soften. My jaw dropped.

He was wearing a red hat that indicated his support of Donald Trump. I veered. Trying to remain neutral and non-judgement. After all....we are all entitled to our opinions, but I was completely thrown. Anytime I see BIPOC people or immigrants in support of a that man. I just feel pity for them. The Devil can be cunning and deceptive bringing about joy and a false sense of pleasure and security that might land you in a ditch if you're not onto these schemes. Before I could walk away a pile of Asians swarmed in also wearing paraphernalia and chanting loudly "4 MORE YEARS". I moved away prompt. Something was up. 

A convention? Protest? Event? Rally?

Why are these people here? They were obnoxious. Taking off their masks, taking pictures, toting around in costumes and laughing hysterically. I saw families with young infant babies. Their faces twisted UP in worry. I felt them. Approaching the personnel desk again, I and a few others inquired about Police or Airport Security. How is it that these people who don't respect authority, adhere to health regulations nor think that COVID19 even exists are able to board this plane?! Inner Panic ensued and all I could think about is contracting the virus from these people. 

A nightmare. I decided to bite the bullet and just upgrade my seat. It was not worth the hassle or worry. 

As I approached the desk for a 3rd time. My Angels went with me. My concern was too apparent. As I reached for my wallet to pay my fare. The flight personnel tore off a ticket with my name on it assigned to seat 1A and motioned for me to board the plane. 

First Class. 

Far from danger, fear and the threat of Trump's Supporters.

I am overwhelmed even now as to this kindness, favor and recognition of my heartcry. 

God spoke to me in that moment reminding me that I am kept, loved and cherished. And that although the World may in unrest....those who are called according to his perfect WILL and Purpose are and shall remain in Peace.

My flight was Blissful. & I owe it ALL to Most High. 

A Travelista Story.

Proverbs 3:24

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet.