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DELTA. & the Future is Female

Trust me Friends. Who you choose to give your business to for travel makes all the difference. It was my first time flying Delta First Class--my travel partner Krystal managed to hook me when she showed me how the airlines was going to great lengths to create space between passengers on flight. The middle seats were completely blocked off and even better we were in-flight with some of the best Customer Service I've had yet. The attentiveness, sincerity and kind tone in flight attendants voice makes one enjoy and relax. Read more about it here:  What Delta does... On the way there we sat in front of a newly wedded couple. They could've been headed to St. John, one out of the 3 islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands that was known as the "the love location" for its scenic view, lushes waters and array of resort hotels built on the land.  The flight was smooth, from an early morning departure in Baltimore--a quick leg in Atlanta and then touching down in St. John. There'

Keeping Dance Alive, St. Croix Arts Community Outreach

 In 2017, I was at home in Washington DC bedridden and removed from everything that I knew.  My life as a Dancer as I knew it....was no longer. I could barely walk, performing menial tasks around the house was a burden for me. I often felt faint and dizzy. My nervous system had taken a hard hit from the brutal cold winter of Chicago. The winds  shook my bones and my days of job hunting, street performing in the Chicago O'Hare Airport for bills and just aimlessly walking in the snow drove my body into a state of shock. PH. D Chenzira Davis Kahina & Ms. Charlita Charlita Schuster,  great friends discussing a paining in the UVI Cultural Center After my last gig as a Broadway Dancer, there was nothing more for me in the Windy City. I'd returned home with question in my mind and heart as to how I would move forward. I was diagnoses with a rare chronic pain condition, Trigeminal Neuralgia. The International Association for Blacks in Dance had just revamped its organization, was g

Rediscovery History: Trip to St. Thomas, USVI

Driving on the Lefthand Side of the Road; First time for everything Coki Beach Morning Overlook While history was being made (2021 U.S. Presidential Inauguration), I was off discovering new lands. You know, the part of our history, geography, psychology, ethics and literature studies that is never taught, written or spoken of grades K - 12? I can recall learning the song "One Love" by Bob Marley in Choir, the vague mentioning of sugarcane as the islands' main crop and then of course there was my childhood best-friend--Danielle who is Jamaican.  Stopping Off on the Road to grab a Curry Vegetable Roti  but, That's about it.  Divide and Conquer is one of the oldest tricks in the book, that the Mbotu used to entrap, enslave and oppress the peoples of Africa. As it was then--and still is today, a form of weaponry used to delineate people from knowing themselves--so I make it my business as a Traveler to do just that.  And then again, the mere fact that these islands are ho

The Best of DC: Busyboys and Poets

 A STAPLE of Washington DC. For any Artist, happens to the be thee "Busboys and Poets". Yes, they serve Mambo Sauce here too.  This place is near and dear to my heart because it was where I got one of my first jobs while in my youth over the summer. I wasn't quite drinking age which was required for serving alcohol as a Waitress, but Terrance hired me anyway. There, I didn't quite get the essence of being within a TRIBE which is their model instead of "STAFF"--until after I left the job. But I loved it with every ounce of me.  I paid close attention to the flow of things and enjoyed the vibe of Mediterranean Culture mixed with Soul Food cuisine while local-made art hung on the wall and performed during the nearest open mic. I was enamoured by how the restaurant held the essence of DC right there it's nook: corporate lunches held in the terrance, indoor and outdoor seating for friends having happy house  a bookstore sponsored by Global Exchange--a non-pro

2021 Travelista & Little Gourmet Russian Shop

 Here we are into a New Year and I'm already onto new Adventures! I decided to go into the new year with an open-mind, heart and sound mind. And of course....a booked trip! Ha. Just kidding. But no really--I can't wait to share with you where this Traveling Dancer is headed this year. I am blessed, considering all that is taking place to continue discovering parts of me, those that tie directly to my African lineage heritage and roots and those just allow me to marvel at the works of the Creator.  There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has changed travel, international business, family trips and immigration for some many people. The U.S. is desperately trying to get a handle on this virus by producing a vaccine faster than we can blink while the U.S. government is being baraccaded by Nationalists---what to do? Many Americans have resulted to travel as a means of escape. Low Income and Unemployed citizens are taking this time to seize travel while flights are affordable and flex