Health is a Must but who can we Trust?

DELTA. & the Future is Female

Trust me Friends.

Who you choose to give your business to for travel makes all the difference.

It was my first time flying Delta First Class--my travel partner Krystal managed to hook me when she showed me how the airlines was going to great lengths to create space between passengers on flight. The middle seats were completely blocked off and even better we were in-flight with some of the best Customer Service I've had yet. The attentiveness, sincerity and kind tone in flight attendants voice makes one enjoy and relax. Read more about it here: What Delta does...

On the way there we sat in front of a newly wedded couple. They could've been headed to St. John, one out of the 3 islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands that was known as the "the love location" for its scenic view, lushes waters and array of resort hotels built on the land. 

The flight was smooth, from an early morning departure in Baltimore--a quick leg in Atlanta and then touching down in St. John. There's a first time for everything. I managed to change my outfit in the bathroom stall into some Khaki Bermuda shorts and a top. There is a hook and drop down table inside for our comfort and use that I was pleasantly surprised by. Go Delta!

We took care of our COVID-19 testing within 3-days of travel and chose the Airbnb route for our stay. Away from the crowds of people flocking to resorts. It' s always nice to get a sense of the land by staying amongst the locals, I find.  Having the Delta app downloaded on my phone was another win. Being able to receive updates in real-time, reminders and simply just being able to have your boarding pass in-hand makes for a smooth check-in process. *Here is a trick* when scanning your boarding pass on a mobile device. Make sure that your screen's resolution is on HIGH/Bright so that it'll go through.

Good Vibes. I would definitely fly with Delta again. 

Just last year I learned that they ad aviation program for Young Women called WING and became in enthralled. Even more, DELTA made history  by appointing the first Black Female Pilot to the Georgia Air National Guard: Read More

co-piloting on the SeaPlane accompanied by Pilot Sean and US Virgin Islands Military Officials

Take a look at this virtual children's education course that I with my young student Karmen put together over the Summer. As part of my kids series GYMAGINATIONS,  together we combine health, wellness and fitness with the basics of flight! 

Check it out: