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2021 Travelista & Little Gourmet Russian Shop

 Here we are into a New Year and I'm already onto new Adventures! I decided to go into the new year with an open-mind, heart and sound mind. And of course....a booked trip!

Ha. Just kidding. But no really--I can't wait to share with you where this Traveling Dancer is headed this year. I am blessed, considering all that is taking place to continue discovering parts of me, those that tie directly to my African lineage heritage and roots and those just allow me to marvel at the works of the Creator. 

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has changed travel, international business, family trips and immigration for some many people. The U.S. is desperately trying to get a handle on this virus by producing a vaccine faster than we can blink while the U.S. government is being baraccaded by Nationalists---what to do? Many Americans have resulted to travel as a means of escape. Low Income and Unemployed citizens are taking this time to seize travel while flights are affordable and flexible in cancellation and change fees--some traveling for the first time on a plane. Then there are those who have assets, property or obligations cross country and overseas who are traveling because there is no way around it.

Simply said. Travel is on everyone's mind. Whether they have the confidence to do it themselves, shiver at those who do or stay home to avoid it. My prayers continue to go out to the Nation as so many heal and recuperate from lost and illness. I don't take it for granted that I am seeing the world in this capacity. And being from Washington D.C. Travel seems to bring me more peace than not during the height of these protests.

With that being said...let me tell you about my trip to the neighborhood Little Russian Gourmet Store. I walked in -in search of Peppermint Tea and came out with some delectable delights. I had so much fun learning about new food brands, trying to pronounce their vowels and ponder at the packaging. Here take a look.

The cashier, Nina rang me up. Apparently the Russian Community is located in Rockville, MD--not so much where I was. It was still nice to have been transported into another world just in that shop. I'm always down for adventure big or small. Stay tuned for more stories like this throughout the year. And of course, get your copy on Amazon of "The Traveling Dancer".