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The Best of DC: Busyboys and Poets

 A STAPLE of Washington DC. For any Artist, happens to the be thee "Busboys and Poets".

Yes, they serve Mambo Sauce here too. 

This place is near and dear to my heart because it was where I got one of my first jobs while in my youth over the summer. I wasn't quite drinking age which was required for serving alcohol as a Waitress, but Terrance hired me anyway. There, I didn't quite get the essence of being within a TRIBE which is their model instead of "STAFF"--until after I left the job. But I loved it with every ounce of me. 

I paid close attention to the flow of things and enjoyed the vibe of Mediterranean Culture mixed with Soul Food cuisine while local-made art hung on the wall and performed during the nearest open mic. I was enamoured by how the restaurant held the essence of DC right there it's nook: corporate lunches held in the terrance, indoor and outdoor seating for friends having happy house  a bookstore sponsored by Global Exchange--a non-profit organization I would come to later intern at during my senior year of college. And so many other beautiful memories.

The other day, I stopped by probably for the last time in a good while. The Anacostia location, the heart of what is left of Blackness in the former-Chocolate City. I ordered a Harira Tomato Based Soup and order of Cauliflower Tacos. YUMMY. I carried it all the way home and enjoyed.

Have you ever went all the way across town--just to get your favorite eats? 

Sometimes, food is worth traveling for. 

Bon Voyage.

Bon Appetite.