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Travel EGO = Travel Disaster.

There love being a Solo Travelista. 

Overlook of Christenstead, St. Croix, USVI 

There is nothing more freeing than moving at my own pace, rhythm, and timing. I also find that traveling solo doesn't really mean traveling ALONE. 

I usually meet people, make friends along the way and discover some sense of community where I go. 

That helps when you travel to have a Travel Concept....even when you have your Travel Idea. I talk more about that in my sequel: A Travel Dancer, Do You Boo!

dowtown, Government House St. Croix
I'm not one to put myself in categories. I wouldn't say that I'm an introvert or an extrovert. I don't follow trends or join fan clubs. At best, I try to respect, make space for, and admire qualities in people that I care about. I realized only recently that personality clashes were a thing....a HUGE THING. 

heading back to St. Thomas, USVI 

Traveling in Pairs, Groups, Troupes and Tribes are GREAT! In most is usually a VIBE. But when you don't have the same things in mind, but see the world through a slightly different lens (even with commonalities) being in these foreign places together can change your travel experience. It can quickly turn your expectation to an indentation or worst hostile situation. 

So can do we break free from what seems like an inevitable doom in group travel settings to avoid things like: miscommunication, tiffs/petty fights, time-wasting, unsafe practices, etc.

after a beautiful day of relaxation at Jackies on the Reef in NEgril, JA

1. Here are some conversation starters, fillers, and resolution statements that can help in group settings when going on a local outing or vacation : 

I respect you opinion and I hear you cleary--but I'd like to do something a little different.
In all fairness....can we try...
For the sake of time, how about it we...
I'm open to it...give me some think it through
I am a my best when I....

*Disclaimer, if a person/persons are already in a bad space mentally, distress emotionally, intoxicated or totally oblivious they may or may not receive you. And that's okay too. Be at peace with it. At least, try and express yourself.

2.  Map it Out. Talk it Out

Everything from your Hotel or Airbnb lodging decide who is staying in what room or sleeping on what side of the bed (LOL). Tell the truth---are you a morning person or nah? Let the group know if you get car or motion sick. What parts of town would you like to explore or activities are you hoping to do? Be vocal. Share.

hanging out in French Town in St. Thomas, USVI

3. Safety First.

No matter what happens. If you decide to do you Boo and float or mosey off always let the group know. Especially when it comes to meeting people or connecting with a stranger your whereabouts within the group should always be made known after all you did come together!

I hope this helps! The moral of this story is to NOT let EGO get in the way or ruin a good thing.



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