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His/Herstory has shown, The United States of America has mostly been comprised of immigrants -- a "newfound land" that welcomed foreigners seeking religious/spiritual freedom, political asylum, economic pursuits, and opportunity and a place that one could make their future brighter.

From the early 1900s on -- immigrants would come for a short stint of time to work a "respectable job" or go to school, sending back hope and money to their families in their homeland. However, as the 2K Millenium approached, citizens began to make this their new home coming to stay for a good while and living out The American Dream. 

A Traveling Black Woman

But as it is said, "The Grass isn't Always Greener" and what many both foreigners and American soil born and raised citizens began to discover was that there was a conflict of interest in the lifestyle -- the history and how it relates to the whole of the person, today. Was the information true? Relevant? How could we all identify as a united front when race, culture, and tradition were all so different one from another? These questions have led to Milennial Kids shifting the course of their life to reflect their personal beliefs, experiences, interests, and connection to identity more so than fulfilling the wishes, hopes, dreams and expectations of others (including the families....*GASP*).

Marine/Aquatic Tour, Clear Boat Cayak Experience

Carriacou, Grand View Hotel of Hillsborough

Lambi Queen's Tour of Carriacou

Sea Kelp | Discovering the Plants on Island for Restorative Wellness

Yes, it's true.

Brandon doesn't want to become a doctor. 

Ashley won't be the next Michelle Obama. 

Nor, will your monthly contributions to Damiens college fund actually go...towards college.

Aaron S. Black-Owned Chocolate Factory, Tri-Island Chocolate

Millennials are trading in large debt pitfalls like elaborate weddings, houses, and daycare bills for a life of Financial Freedom where they can travel twice a year and uncover their roots in Africa or tour Asia.

And guess what...that's okay. Wouldn't you rather a world full of color, optimism, joy, and excitement -- informed, culture enriched young professionals or disgruntled, anxious, frustrated, college-educated 9-5ers who live for a happy house and the weekends nightlife?

Home, it should be a place where the heart is. So if abroad to open up your sensibilities is where the heart is calling then... I say, follow it. 

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