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The Encounter ||| ^^^ |||

Black History Month Dueces. 22 ---  I felt some type of way... I'd just finished Breakfast ~ A French/Kenyan Crepe, Potatoes + Grilled Tomato, Steamed Carrots w/ Mango Juice, and a sip of Black Coffee. I longed for the beach, but there was work to BE DONE -- the warm water and waves, kites flying in the air, and White Sand so soft you melt into it with each step. But all in all, I knew I had TO get to it! I came to Malindi - not to witness a wedding but a Playwright, an Artist, a Friend, a Host. And every day since I agreed to jump on board, I'd be rocking and rolling. Time is over the Essence. This weekend is the COOL DOWN>>> Watamu, a PLACE so LOVELY + Serene. Energizing & Free. Tomorrow, I book it. Nairobi. Then HOOME. <3 to MD. Day #1 Well, I made it. The Motherland. God willing ~ you cross the Atlantic Sea + Land Safely and discover that there is no reason to Fear. The images of poverty, lack with strips of refugee camp life, beggars and thieves -- enlarged

Travel Escapism — that feels more like Reality

So, you’re off to another adventure? I can relate. Is this your 3rd go around? Did your feet touch the soil before you booked another one? Or were you still in the air when you hit SEND on that new flight reservation? Ha. Yes, it’s a thing.  One might think that a person living this way is up to something…or not much of anything. However, it is far from the truth. The nomadic way of living has been around for ages, much like animals migrating in Season, travelers tend to relocate from place to place as a reflection of where they are in their mind and heart space. One’s birthplace or hometown isn’t meant to be the final fate of their life’s journey forever. In fact, it’s getting away from “the norm” that causes our wits to be tested. In new places, where more is out of our control — spontaneous and unexpected than not. Our senses are heightened and the zeal for adventure and joy is just thought away. Let’s revisit this — conditioning. Much of our youth, adolescence, teen, and young adul