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Black History Month

Dueces. 22


 I felt some type of way... I'd just finished Breakfast ~ A French/Kenyan Crepe, Potatoes + Grilled Tomato, Steamed Carrots w/ Mango Juice, and a sip of Black Coffee. I longed for the beach, but there was work to BE DONE -- the warm water and waves, kites flying in the air, and White Sand so soft you melt into it with each step. But all in all, I knew I had TO get to it! I came to Malindi - not to witness a wedding but a Playwright, an Artist, a Friend, a Host. And every day since I agreed to jump on board, I'd be rocking and rolling. Time is over the Essence. This weekend is the COOL DOWN>>> Watamu, a PLACE so LOVELY + Serene. Energizing & Free. Tomorrow, I book it. Nairobi. Then HOOME. <3 to MD.

Day #1

Well, I made it.

The Motherland. God willing ~ you cross the Atlantic Sea + Land Safely and discover that there is no reason to Fear. The images of poverty, lack with strips of refugee camp life, beggars and thieves -- enlarged bellies and cry for medical help is only a fraction of the equation; once you realize Home in Africa is much like Home any other place full of the where there are the inevitable "Ghetto's" as India.Arie says - yet development, affluence, and people thriving with access to date technology is everywhere. Same Same, all with the exception of a sea of beautiful Black Bodies, Faces + the Essence of Melaninated People. The very best part.

Usually-- when traveling alone.
My travels consist of Wellness Activities, spending ample time in Nature, Sleeping in or engorging myself in Movement Research. This time I came in pursuit of a Creative Event (coordinating a Wedding) yet managed to find time between my responsibilities to say...NO.

...or "NOT now"-- that was a mental exercise in and of itself. When it's just me -- there is no schedule. No appointments, no places I absolutely have to be. But I always make room, space and time for community and connection.

Here is a moment. I was Blessed to share with some school children while in Malindi, Kenya. It was during Christmas time, last year in 2021 that I felt more compelled to give to those in need than I did to my loved ones~ who in my humble opinion had more than enough. At the time, I purchased 3 Tablets with a blind eye, trusting that the Holy Spirit would lead me to the right persons to give it to. Sure enough -- there they were.

My Tuk Tuk Driver, a young guy who'd been escorting me around town faithfully was excited for me to meet them, some children 3 of them coming home from school - you could tell that they were his favorite people. Along the ride, I felt that hunch in my Soul to learn more about the children, as I could tell that one of them was a proficient writer & All of them - so calm, focused and well behaved.

Take a look. The giving of "The Gift" unfolded.

Soon after, we became friends. I was happy to see them again each time managed to hop in the Tuk Tuk together. Natasha, aspires to be an Artist while her sister, Beyonce looks to be a Family Practicing Lawyer and Warren knows tons about the Universe, Space and Archeology - he hopes to become a Scientist. I have no doubt in my mind that they will all succeed at this.

Pen Pals forever.



Imagine. a Retreat for Sistas. Queens. in the Motherland.

White Sand. Fresh Juices + Fruits. the Wind, the Sea, & Sky.

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