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King Richard or Biggie Willie?|…when your job makes space for you, Literally. *work-life-balance*

  WS just keeps saving the day. Recent Hollywood articles and interviews feature Aunjanue Ellis’ profession that it was the Award Winning Actor Will Smith who helped bump up her pay up for the co-star role of “Oracene” in Warner Brother’s Major motion picture film “King Richard”. There is no surprise here, in fact Will went out on a limb a number of his cast mates ensuring that they had proper pay, accommodation and support when camera’s weren’t rolling. NEW YORK, NEW YORK — MARCH 15: Will Smith and Aunjanue Ellis attend the National Board of Review annual awards gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on March 15, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic ) Constantly ~ WS leaned into cast and crew to ensure that the work environment was a stressfree zone, “…a place of Joy” where people were free to be themselves, dive head first into their artistry and behind all the masks and PPE maintain a smile. How do I know this? I spent the majority of the Global Pandemic as one of those pe

Travel Medicine | Therapy + Mental Health Retreat

 I realized... touching down, when the wheels hit the pavement safely + the pilot turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, then and only then do I feel a sigh of relief. "I made it back to Land!", I think to myself.  The rest.... well--*SIGH* That feeling of being a foreigner in my humble abode. I couldn't shake it. Besides my seeing Mother loving face, I can't shake the anxiety of knowing that society carries a prize on my head, waiting to be swiped by Uncle Sam at any given moment, side-eyed or question for my motives in life...the rush and sense of urgency of knowing that time is ticking and my Free Creative + Butterfly Life will soon be out of season all because of my Age.  Can you believe that? Says, who. Remember Millennials do it differently. As fate would have it, I lost my vehicle to a car accident back in the Fall of 2021. It also happened to be the 3rd time, I was moving in a Year, during the Pandemic. I decided to take things for what they were -- and seize t