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Travel Medicine | Therapy + Mental Health Retreat

 I realized...

touching down, when the wheels hit the pavement safely + the pilot turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, then and only then do I feel a sigh of relief. "I made it back to Land!", I think to myself. 

The rest.... well--*SIGH* That feeling of being a foreigner in my humble abode. I couldn't shake it.

Besides my seeing Mother loving face, I can't shake the anxiety of knowing that society carries a prize on my head, waiting to be swiped by Uncle Sam at any given moment, side-eyed or question for my motives in life...the rush and sense of urgency of knowing that time is ticking and my Free Creative + Butterfly Life will soon be out of season all because of my Age. 

Can you believe that? Says, who.

Remember Millennials do it differently.

As fate would have it, I lost my vehicle to a car accident back in the Fall of 2021. It also happened to be the 3rd time, I was moving in a Year, during the Pandemic. I decided to take things for what they were -- and seize the opportunity to forgo my stress of acquiring things and just go do what I love. 

Travel. Research. Renew. Rebuild. And so, I did. 

After a Wellness Experience in the Spice Island of Grenada in January, I planned/coordinated a wedding in Malindi, Kenya in February. By March, I bolted to Port of Spain, Trinidad to spend time with Loved Ones + Friends.

Just the thought of being in a different physical space puts me in a different head + heart space. One, where I am unrecognized and even admired or gaped at because of my foreign status. It's refreshing.

It's Liberating. And during this time of a Mental Health Asylum, I intend to fully enjoy the Adventurous + at times Ignorantly Blissful Expat Life. 

#therapy #makingmemories 



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