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Showing posts from April, 2022 had to be WILL.

  Well….it had to be Will. I didn’t see the Oscars, I was enjoying a nice dinner out with my Friend that night. One of the Top Designers in the Caribbean, we were an Asian restaurant — it was my first time eating Bittermelon with a tasty tang sauce. I turned over my shoulder to peak at the outfits the speakers we wearing, occasionally. My friend commented on the attire too — laughing, nodding, wincing, approving with a smile or a joke or a smirk. It was the next day — in the morning time, I rolled over and read that Will had “took a punch” at Chris Rock and didn’t believe what I was seeing. After I fully came too, I made the wrong move — investigating this further which led to I’m sure like so many people on their phones trolling for a close-up, a downward spiral of endless video clip replays, meme pop-ups, opinion columns, Twitter buzz and more…annotating the event about the “King Richard”, Oscar-Winning Lead Actor.  What can you do? It is true what Denzel Washington said, watch yours