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Mount Zion in Piparo | a Tour of the The Blackman Ranch

  I've been getting around town pretty well since this is my 5th time in Trinidad & Tobago.  Meeting up with Friends and Family. Enjoying the street food and vibrant city life. And learning how - not to take myself too seriously. As Trini's dem say! In fact, I've been having a time with my vlog journey on YouTube bringing people into the experience - Jet Set Go! Series. Go Check it Out. -but, for my First Official Tour in Trinidad, I wanted to share this with you. I signed up to discover  Piparo with the National Trust Fund which is stationed amongst one of the Magnificent 7 (Mielle Fluer) Houses there across from the Savannah. Guided by a Local Historian, it's great for learning or relearning parts of Trinidad for local residents and can be experienced at a discounted rate for those who join as a member of the NTF.  After an informative drive from POS down South we landed in Piparo and discovered an active volcano where I was able to apply mineral-rich sulfur onto