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“A Broke Dancer’s Guide to Success” 

Tip, Tools and Guidelines for a Financial
Wellness and Professionalism in a
Dancer’s Life

A dancer is more than an enabled body in space but instead is an Empowered Decision Maker. A dancer has the ability to evolve from being “broke” living paycheck to paycheck, begging, scraping and borrowing, to handling their affairs with intention and a sound mind. By tapping into their intuition, inherent sense and applying that which they’ve developed as an performer a dancer can thrive and become a complete artist positioned for success.

“A Traveling Dancer's Guide to Success” 

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The Traveling Dancer by [Harley, Kayla]

Travel plays a huge role in the life of a dancer, in fact most of their time spent outside of the studio or the stage is in commute. Whether it's traveling across town or flying across the country dancers are constantly on the GO! The challenge with travel is that it can be overwhelming if you're not mindful, careful or intentional with your strides. A dancer's professional career and personal sustainability relays on their ability to adapt to new environments. Here you will find information that merges the sanctity of a dancers professional life with simple guidelines for success in a traveling dancer’s personal life. 

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“How Not to Pop OFF!” 
A Black Woman's Guide to Keeping her Cool

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